Our goal is to help island residents take concrete, coordinated actions to ensure our elected officials fight for our priorities and values: respect, integrity, compassion, civil rights, religious tolerance, equal treatment, economic fairness, environmental stewardship, strong public education, affordable healthcare, science-based policymaking, and full democratic representation.

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Indivisible’s guiding principle is that each of us can have an outsize impact by consistently seeking to influence our Members of Congress through town halls meetings, marches, protests, and phone calls. it’s important to remember that even the most progressive Members of Congress face many pressures – like party leaders and campaign donors. We need to ensure Brian Schatz, Maisie Hirono, and Tulsi Gabbard know that we are following their words and their decisions. Most importantly, we must empower them by allowing them to say that their constituents are speaking with one voice to demand they take the right stand.

Please print this one-page list of phone numbers for Kauai’s state and federal legislators and keep it handy.

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We are an open group, and we welcome your participation, feedback suggestions, and alerts about events upcoming on Kauai. The most important thing we can do right now is build our base of supporters.

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We were really hoping not to do this again but…

...Just one request for you this week, and it’s an all-time classic, back, mystifyingly, by extremely unpopular non-demand. The new Obamacare repeal bill flew under the radar for a while, probably because it was introduced by two GOP senators usually considered...

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