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In the dog days of summer, our president’s behavior has become increasingly appalling. From encouraring Nazis, to cavalierly threatening nuclear war, the president has now sown nationwide chaos and fear in nearly every way imaginable. With congress in recess, we have a lull from legislation. But we do have some opportunities to move forward on two of our long term goals, plus a couple insidious rule changes you can weigh in on.

Action 1.

Sign up to participate in a nationwide Rapid Response rally in case Trump fires Mueller. We’ve been waiting for a coordinated action plan to protect our constitution, and it’s finally arrived. Indivisible is partnering with MoveOn and many other progressive groups to immediately get people into the streets if our constitution is threatened. You can read about the effort here, and register for our local rally here.

Action 2.

Help influence the 2018 elections by choosing the leaders of our local Democratic Party. At 5:30 this Friday (Aug. 18) in the Kapaa Neighborhood Center, there will be a one-hour meeting to elect officers for Democratic District 14 (Wailua to Haena). You can RSVP on FB or just show up and share what you think Democrats should stand for in 2018.

Action 3.
Tell the FCC you don’t want a conservative media company to dominate our nation’s local news stations. Sinclair Broadcasting’s proposed acquisition of Tribune Media would concentrate a large majority of local news stations, 72% nationwide, under a single company with a blatant conservative bias. The FCC wants to bring back an exemption that allows media companies like Sinclair to exceed restrictions on the number of broadcast stations they can own. You can read here about how Sinclair pushes “must-run” conservative commentary and news stories to its stations.

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, and tell the FCC that you oppose Sinclair’s acquisition of Tribune Media to protect the diversity of voices among our local broadcasters.

Action 4.

Tell the EPA you think it’s a bad idea to loosen fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department have opened the public comment period on rewriting standards for greenhouse gas emissions for cars and light trucks (read more about it here).

Use this comment form to tell Scott Pruitt and his team what you think of this plan.

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